10 Cool YouTube Intro Video Templates on PlaceIt DIY Motion Graphics Maker

Check out ten of the best animated YouTube intro video templates on Placeit, where you can make motion graphics online.

10 Cool YouTube Intro Video Templates on PlaceIt DIY Motion Graphics Maker 

Placeit is a fast way to create video and animations without needing any in depth editing knowledge. Using templates for popular projects, you can adjust and customise designs right on the site—it’s quick and easy.

Placeit has hundreds of YouTube Intro templates to choose from, here are ten of our favourites:

1. Intro
Maker With Bold Style

This bold intro maker features
attractive animations to help you create a striking YouTube intro that your
audience will come to instantly recognise.


2. Intro
Maker Featuring Holographic Animations

A cool intro with a holographic animation
will make your YouTube video look professional and eye-catching. This would fit
a tech or science-based channel, nicely.

Intro Maker Featuring Holographic Animations
Intro Maker Featuring Holographic Animations

3. Liquid

Cute and colourful, the Liquid Animations
intro template will help you make a splash with your YouTube video. A wave of bright
liquid animation reveals your logo and intro text.

Liquid Animations
Liquid Animations

4. Flaming
Logo Reveal

Reveal your logo from realistic flames
in this Placeit template for YouTube. Change the shine on the logo to better
fit with your brand colours.

Flaming Logo Reveal

5. Intro
for a News Channel

If you have a news channel, give
this intro template a try. ‘Breaking News’ flips around to reveal your logo, on
a background inspired by traditional broadcast graphics.

Intro for a News Channel
Intro for a News Channel

 6. Animated

Keep it simple and stylish with
bokeh and particles. Animated Fractals reveals your logo in classic style –
change the particle colours to suit your brand.

Animated Fractals
Animated Fractals

7. Bold
Logo Reveal

This template has flashing
animations and text presented in big and bold style. Choose your own
background, music and colours.

Bold Logo Reveal
Bold Logo Reveal

8. Bold
Animations and Text

Featuring energetic animations, this
is a bold and upbeat opener template for YouTube. Keep the classic red and
black colour scheme, or change it up for something brighter!

Bold Animations and Text
Bold Animations and Text

9. Animated
Unicorn Kitty (Mewnicorn)

Few things are cuter (or more nauseating)
than made up animals. Catticorn, mewnicorn, whatever your name for a fictional
cat-unicorn hybrid, you’ll probably love this darned adorable YouTube intro.

Animated Unicorn Kitty Mewnicorn
Animated Unicorn Kitty (Mewnicorn)

10. Travel

If travel video is your thing then
this is the perfect YouTube intro template for you. Featuring placeholders for
your travel videos or images, it’s inspirational and dynamic.

Travel Theme
Travel Theme

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