10 Posterheroes Posters That Take on the Future of Work

When the creatives behind Posterheroes launched the competition in 2010, they had a higher goal than just hosting a few pleasing visuals—they wanted to promote graphic design as a vital tool in amplifying social communication around issues of international importance. 

So far, those issues have included natural resources, human rights and even the food chain. This year’s theme, which drew 3,500 entries from 117 countries, was Humans at Work—“about future work scenarios and the role of dignified employment in the lives of individuals and in the sustainable development of society.”

Organized by PLUG and FAVINI in Italy, a jury from around the globe selected 40 winners, plus one grand prize of €2,500, which went to Davide Falzone. 

Here’s Falzone’s work, plus nine other winning posters. Head to the Posterheroes site for the full gallery. 


Davide Falzone




Dion Choi


Marta Facheris


Adéla Hanáková


Yun Hao


Imane Sribi


Maria Todi


Matias Verteramo


Maurizio Di Curzio



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