10 Top Animated Gaming Logo Templates on Placeit Motion Graphics Maker

Here are ten of our favourite animated gaming logo templates on Placeit, where you can make motion graphics online.

10 Cool Animated Gaming Logo Templates on Placeit

If you don’t have the confidence, deep pockets, or time to use some of the leading software then take a look at Placeit to
help you create great video and animations. With templates you can
adjust and customise designs, right on the site, making something that’s
perfect for you and your brand without the need for in depth software
knowledge—it’s quick and easy!

Placeit has hundreds of animated gaming templates to choose from, here are ten of our favourites:

1. Animated
Ancient Wizard

This subtly glitching and
blinking wizard logo would be a great addition to a brand that focuses on
fantasy or role-playing games.


2. Roboman Gaming

This logo animation of a classic robot toy is simple but eye-catching, with a gentle ‘bobbing’
movement that works well with the robot’s bendy arms.


3. Gaming
Squad Anime Character

This is a great ‘nod and wink animation’ generic logo if you
cover a lot of genres. It’s also useful if you’re part of a team or squad who
want a similar look but with distinct characters for each member.

Gaming Squad Anime Character
Gaming Squad Anime Character

4. eSports
Football Logo

Do your passions for sports and eSports collide? Try this
cool football inspired animated logo for your gaming brand.

eSports Football Logo
eSports Football Logo

5. Female

Another fantasy or RPG inspired logo, this time featuring a
female character in purples and blues looking from side to side. You can of
course, change out the colours to suit your brand.

Female Warrior
Female Warrior

6. Animated
Logo For an RPG Guild

We love a bit of retro style, and this animated logo has a
ton of it. A small pixelated knight thrusts his sword in this nostalgic gaming logo

Animated Logo For an RPG Guild
Animated Logo For an RPG Guild

7. Mad
Cat Logo

It doesn’t come more all-purpose than a bemused cat. This
gaming logo features an unhappy, animated cat looking around and flattening its

Mad Cat Logo
Mad Cat Logo

8. Clown

This, frankly terrifying, logo will certainly stick in the
mind of your viewer. Featuring a ‘chuckling’ style animation, you can say
goodbye to sleeping. We all can.

Clown Character
Clown Character

9. Magic
8 Ball

A cute animated logo in the style of a magic 8 ball with an
animation that features the character rubbing its head before a question mark

 Magic 8 Ball
Magic 8 Ball

10. Lowrider

With spinning wheels animation, this car logo is Grand Theft
inspired. It’s bold and eye-catching.

Lowrider Car
Lowrider Car

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