10 Top Brush Effect Templates and Animation Elements for After Effects

Different (Brush) Strokes for Different Folks

beautiful brush stroke animations using After Effects has never been
easier, even if you aren’t a full-time video pro: The talented creators
at Envato Elements and Envato Market have produced some wonderful templates to help. Here’s a look at our ten top brush animation effects, elements
and templates for After Effects.

Top Brush Animation Templates from Envato Elements (Unlimted Downloads)

Brush animations come in all different shapes and sizes, but no matter
the stroke you’re looking for these fun and engaging templates have you

Envato Elements is
a powerful resource that can help you save time while improving the
quality of your final projects. A monthly or annual subscription gains
you access to a large library of tools, like courses here on Tuts+, and a
giant catalogue of video templates, stock video, and music. All these
help keep your workflow moving efficiently and the quality of your work

1. Brush Lower Thirds

With Brush Lower Thirds
you get a clean titles with your font appearing on a bold brush stroke
as its backdrop. Despite the name, you also get beautiful a bunch of
other types of titles as well, including some that feature a cool paint
splatter animation.


2. Golden Brush Logo

Who doesn’t love straight forward and to the point? Golden Brush Logo
is classic logo reveal: a glowing gold brush stroke reveals your logo
leaving only your logo affected by the passing brush animation. Nice!


3. Modern Store Event Promo

Modern Store Event Promo
is a grungy textured pack with a huge leg up, thanks to how direct its
application is as well how easy it is to match your medias colours, add
or take away the amount of grunge easily, and change RGB splits and
light leaks on and off with a single click.


4. Street Food

Street Food
is a fresh After Effects Template with a fresh juicy design and flying
vegetables elements! No plug-ins required. The project contains ten
placeholders for your images or videos and eight text holders for your
titles or descriptions. 


5. Whiteboard Brainstorm

Get your ideas across with strong visual support. Whiteboard Brainstorm
is such a great template to help bring excitement to your flow charts
and slideshows. Expressing yourself has never been easier with its
built-in pre-made presentation, just drop in your information and watch
your ideas shine.


5 Top Templates and Brush Animation Elements from Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

If you’d rather buy your templates as-you-go, ceck out these highlights from Envato Market:

6. Brush Memories

is one of the more artistic templates on this list and with that it’s
not for every occasion, even though it would still look great! If you
are looking for a really powerful sense of drama, try using Brush Memories to help tell your story.


7. Brush Opener

Brush Opener
is a modern slideshow opener for after effects. With its brush
animations being more subtle than others on this list, It holds its
place by being exciting and highly captivating.


8. Brush Pack

powerhouse of a pack, with a wonderful typeface script, 100’s of
animation elements and brush animations, full alphabets, and solid base
of transitions that are all hand-made and extremely professional. Try
using these for trendy, eye-catching interviews.


9. Paint Brush Transition Reveal Pack

This After Effects template pack includes paint 30 transition and preview opener to easily test each transition with your media.


10. Color Brush

Brush is just that! Add a bright splash a color to any project. Use it
as an in-and-out for your for slideshows or as interesting transition.


Helpful Tips For Using Video Templates

  • Templates
    are great as a starting point, but make sure to play around and tweak
    parameters to suit your project, creating something new and your own.
  • Start with templates that don’t require plug-ins. You’ll find that with small steps you’ll be getting the hang of it.
  • Many
    template downloads come with a tutorial. It’s fun to jump in head first
    and figure things out on your own, but watching the tutorials will save
    you time.
  • If you’re using many different templates across
    different projects, remember to be organized and keep them in relevant,
    well-labelled folders. If not, you’ll find yourself in an uncomfortable,
    disorganized situation later on.
  • Before jumping in to your
    project, try playing around with the template with no pressure. Learn
    the ins and outs of the template by taking the pressure off.

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