10 Top Final Cut Pro Broadcast Packs (Complete Channel Motion Graphics) for YouTube

Benefit from the experience of professional designers and give yourself the tools you need to succeed: In this round up we showcase ten top YouTube broadcast packs—professional motion graphics for every aspect of your channel—for Final Cut Pro X, designed by the talented creators over at Envato Elements and Market.

10 Top YouTube Channel Graphics Kits for FCPX

1. YouTube Channel Kit 2

YouTube Channel Kit 2 is a one-stop template pack that’s designed to help round your channel into a professional looking product. This pack comes loaded with openers, titles, quotations, transitions, social media plugs and much more. As a bonus, it’s extremely easy to use.


2. YouTube Channel Kit

YouTube Channel Kit is similar to the pack above but, as you might have guessed already by the name, sports a different design. Filled with beautifully laid out buttons, info bars, social media callouts, and transitions, this kit is another great way to tie your channel together cohesively.


3. Typography, Scenes, Lower Thirds, YouTube Kit

mouthful of a name, this is a giant utility pack for social media users
is a essentially a jack-knife of templates, and useful for a variety of
effects you’d like to accomplish from wonderful typography, motion
graphics, to lower thirds that are easily customizable.


4. Glitch YouTube Channel Kit

What more could you ask for in a well rounded channel kit? In this pack you get everything you’d expect from wonderful transitions to great ways to show your work. On top of that, you get to have it with a high quality trendy glitch effect rendered right into the pack, so there’s no need for heavy post-processing to get the edgy look you’ve been wanting.


5. YouTube Essentials

Final Cut Pro YouTube Essentials is just that, a pack of templates that help you brand your contact quickly as easily while maintaining a clean and friendly look. 


6. YouTube Intro

With YouTube Intro
you are provided with a short but sweet intro for your video, as well
as nicely crafted outro. When running a channel, asking people to hit
that like and subscribe button gets a little old hat and the great icons
in this pack act as a friendly reminder to help let your viewers know
how much you appreciate their support.


7. The YouTuber Pack

This pack is a heavy hitter! With over a hundred assets it’s hard to imagine a scenario that The YouTuber Pack wouldn’t come in handy. Titles, end screens, transitions, 4k resolution, and much more!


8. Business Broadcast Pack

This modular broadcast pack is amazing, and very possible the largest pack on this list in terms of quantity of option. Have fun familiarizing yourself with this well organized and professional pack that has everything you’ll need to produce your channels videos.


9. Clean Broadcast

Clean Broadcast Package for your Final Cut project has a modular structure so you can use any of its parts. It’s trendy, minimal style will help make your channel pop and stand out from the crowd.


10. Cooking Delicious Food Show

Variety is the spice of life! The modern bright design of the Cooking Delicious Food Show template allows you to beautifully present the recipe for any of your favourite dishes. This template is prepared in such a way that the process of adding recipes and cooking videos is simple and easy, the way it should be! Let your viewers chow down, visually.


Envato Elements is
a powerful tool to help your with your content creation. If you’re
someone who produces content regularly, Elements can help you save time
while improving the quality of your final projects. With a monthly or annual subscription you gain
access to a large library of tools to raise your work, including a giant
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That’s It! Here are a few more resources to help with your Final Cut Pro projects: