10 Top Letter Logo Animation Templates for After Effects

You can keep it simple and still have something that looks creative and professional when it comes to letter-based logo animations. Here are ten of our favourite templates to use with Adobe After Effects.

Top Letter-Logo After Effects Templates from Envato Elements

These templates are available with a subscription to Envato Elements—once you’re signed up, you can download and use as many as you like!

1. Fracture
Titles – Animated Typeface

This animated typeface
template for After Effects is great for logos, lower thirds, titles and more. The
download comes with a special script to help you create words and phrases, so
it’s easy to customise and modify to suit your needs.

Fracture Titles - Animated Typeface
Fracture Titles – Animated Typeface

2. TV Show Logo

With realistic reflections, flares and a glossy glass-like
surface, TV Show Logo Title is a great letter-based logo reveal. Audio is included
with the download and you won’t need any additional plugins to be able to use


3. Robotic Alphabet – Steampunk Technology

An animated A-Z alphabet in mechanical style with a
steampunk theme. The animation is energetic and dynamic and each letter has
unique characteristics in a mix of effects that include metal, wood, plastic
and electronic.

Robotic Alphabet - Steampunk Technology
Robotic Alphabet – Steampunk Technology

4. Cartoon
Alphabet II | After Effects Template

This is a super-cute animation featuring letters with hands,
feet and eyes. This would be perfect for revealing a logo of a brand that’s
fun, or geared towards children.

Cartoon Alphabet II  After Effects Template
Cartoon Alphabet II | After Effects Template

5. Human Typeface II

Oddly hypnotic, Human Typeface II involves white-coloured
outlines of people running and jumping to form various letters of the alphabet.
Is it a little creepy? Definitely; but unique and interesting for it, too.

Human Typeface II
Human Typeface II

6. Animated
Letters & 10 Titles Layout

Simple and stylish, Animated Letters and 10 Titles can be
resized to suit any project, without the need for any plugins. A link to the
free font included in the example is part of the download.


7. Urban –
Animated Typeface

Urban has a definite Art Deco vibe and when you see the free
font used (which is included) is Metropolis, then it makes sense! Write your text
directly onto a layer and see results right away.

Urban - Animated Typeface
Urban – Animated Typeface

Top Letter-Logo After Effects Templates From Envato Market

If you prefer to buy as you use, then here are three great templates that you can download as one-off purchases, from Envato Market.

8. One
Letter Animated Logo Collection

Install the free font (Montserrat) to get started, and you’ll
have 20 different options of slick animation to choose from. Just edit the text and
change the colours to match your project.

“S” from the One Letter Animated Logo Collection

9. Tech Logo
(The Alphabet)

There are 62 animated letters (26 lowercase, 26 uppercase) and ten numbers included in this download, which takes the style of blueprint thin
lines and turning gears, for a tech or mechanical feel.

Tech Logo The Alphabet
Tech Logo (The Alphabet)

10. LetterWorld

Letterworld is a little different from the other offerings
in that it uses letters to make the shapes of buildings and trees.  It’s easy to customise and there’s a video
tutorial included in case you get stuck.


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