12 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Video Intro (Opening) Templates

Set the stage for a strong start with these Adobe Premiere templates! Whether this is for your next YouTube video, company project, or just home movies, it’s easier than you think to create a compelling opener.

For those of us that aren’t professional video editors, and even if you are, an Elements subscription gives you many ways to finish your creative projects faster and more convincingly. I use Elements to grab pre-made projects, add my own footage, and complete videos in a single sitting.

Top Premiere Intro Templates from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

Let’s look at ten of the best Adobe Premiere Pro Video intro templates from Elements. Any of these projects can be downloaded with a subscription to Envato Elements; make sure to play the preview to see them in action!

1. Fast Slideshow Premiere Pro

Create a quick pace with Fast Slideshow for Premiere Pro. Slideshows are great if you don’t yet have all the video footage you need to produce a video. Use a few favorite stills or mix in video clips for this high energy pre-roll.


2. Dynamic Upbeat Opener

Another energetic opening to a video is seen in this Dynamic Upbeat package. It’s really easy to open it up, add your own assets, and watch it animate your files to life with fast transitions.


3. Quick Smoke Burst Title 

Quick Smoke Burst Title is a clean, simple corporate title sting. No bells and whistles, just clean motion graphics work that gives the most attention to your title. Easy customization, done with a few clicks.


4. Travel Story

Perfect for your next travel video, this Premiere project makes it easy to showcase where you’ve been. This project would be ideal for YouTube travel channels or even producing your own home videos to share.


5. Dynamic Slideshow

I’m often amazed by how simple video productions can be. You don’t have to have many hours of footage to create an opener and the Dynamic Slideshow shows this perfectly. Just add your own short clips or stills, update the text, and presto!


6. Inspiring Glitch Opener

The glitch effect feels unpredictable and shaky and sets the tone for your video early. Try this package out for an easy way to create a glitchy opener in Adobe Premiere.


7. Dynamic Action Opener

Fast paced and engaging, the Dynamic Action Opener brings a little something different to the table. I love the tiny geometric shapes that fly across the canvas when you’re transitioning as a way to draw attention to the opener.


8. Dynamic Urban Opener

This Dynamic Urban Opener is California cool thanks to its use of flare effects and color tinting. Check out the preview below and then imagine your own footage in place of the stock video for an attention-grabbing intro.


9. Fast Promo Opener Premiere Pro

Tease the opening of your new video by quickly switching between a few different clips. Thanks to this project, you can create anticipation in Ultra HD by rapidly transitioning between several previews in just a few seconds.


10. Modern Opener

Modern, stylish, and bold, this opener is easy to create and customize in Adobe Premiere. Again, you have the choice to use your own images or footage and combine it with the flashy text effects to set the tone for your video.


Top Templates from Envato Market (Pay-As-You-Go)

Envato Market offers opener templates for Premeire on a per-item basis. Check out these two great options:

11. Glitch Style Opener

effects are far from minimal. They’re designed to grab an audience’s
attention from the beginning and hold it. With the help of a glitchy
effect, you can create the perfect video for a high tech, scientific
type video. Use this template to do just that.


12. Pop Art Opener

hire an illustrator? Use a template to simulate the effect. It’s an
easy-to-use asset that takes your images and transforms them into a
hand-drawn style. Try it out to create a pop art opener in less time
than ever.


More Top Resources for Video Projects

Tuts+ Learning Resources for Adobe Premiere Pro

Pro is pretty intuitive, especially when you pair it with easy-to-use
templates. Using a template means that you already have most of the work
done for you – you just need to add your specifics.

But, it also
helps to learn how to work in the app. That helps you produce your video
quickly and ensures that you can tweak every aspect of it. Make sure to
use these tutorials to master Adobe Premiere Pro.

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