12 Top Premiere Pro Video Templates and Presets for 2020

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the leading editing
programs for filmmakers and videographers. We’ve picked 10 of our
favourite templates from talented Envato authors to help you find the
perfect match for your project.

Unlimited Title Templates from Envato Elements

If you prefer to download a few different options, try Envato Elements where you can download as many as you like as part of the subscription. Here are a few impressive examples:

1. Epic Pirate Logo

Har matey, ye’ll love this Epic Pirate Logo reveal for Premiere Pro. Ahem. Reminiscent of your favourite swashbuckling movies, it’s fun and very well made.

Epic Pirate Logo
Epic Pirate Logo

2. Hand Drawn Flying Lines

Hand Drawn Flying Lines is a fast-moving animation that can be used as an exciting title sequence or as a logo/text reveal.

Hand Drawn Flying Lines
Hand Drawn Flying Lines

3. Elegant Opener

Elegant Opener is simple and, well, elegant! Gently and subtly animated, it would make a nice addition to any professional video project.

Elegant Opener
Elegant Opener

Professionally Designed Premiere Projects (Pay-As-You-Go)

If you prefer to get your templates one-by-one, Envato Market is the place to start. Here are our picks:

4. Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds — Graphics Pack

Boasting complex shapes and animations, the Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds pack contains 43 different options. It’s simple to change the duration, colours and more.

Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds
Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds

5. Titles — Corporate Opener Template

Bold and modern, Titles offers
a pack of great typography that will add professionalism to any
product. Ready for use and with a fast rendering time, this download is
perfect for those quick-turnaround projects like social media videos.

6. Modern Slideshow — Opener Template

Modern Slideshow is a versatile Premiere Pro template,
great for commercials, social media videos or TV channels. There are 17
placeholders for your footage or photos, and another 12 for text.

Modern Slideshow
Modern Slideshow

7. Modern Opener — Special Events Template

In full HD and with 38 placeholders for your footage, the Modern Opener has a fresh, urban feel that will add energy to your video.

Modern Opener
Modern Opener

8. Slideshow Opener 04 — Cinematic Opener

Opener 04 is a Premiere Pro slideshow template that’s perfect for
cinematic openers, wedding films or even travel videos. Dust and light
leaks add a touch of whimsy and there’s a link to the font used,

10. Plexus Corporate — Video Display Template

A modern Premiere Pro template
with a corporate feel, Plexus Corporate makes use of a blocky
transition effect to add visual interest whilst maintaining a
professional, executive feel.

Plexus Corporate
Plexus Corporate

11. Dirty Glitch & VHS Style — Opener

Despite its retro sounding title, Dirty Glitch & VHS Style is
a fun and trendy template. Add a touch of nostalgia while staying
current, the download features 23 image or video placeholders and the
sound effects are included.

Dirty Glitch  VHS Style
Dirty Glitch & VHS Style

12. Modern & Clean Presentation — Opener

Super stylish, the Modern & Clean Presentation download
allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop your content into the
template. It’s a well-organised and colourful, with creative animation,
clean text and dynamic transitions.

Top Tips for Using Templates

First, here are some of our top tips for using templates:

Keep Learning: Dig Deeper into Premiere Pro

you’d like to further your knowledge about Premiere Pro and get the
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More Templates Designed for Premiere Pro