David Coleman Architecture recently completed a residential house located in Marblemount, Washington at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Bear Run Cabin is surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks and a forest landscape that the architecture firm’s clients sought to preserve and highlight.

To realize the desired level of landscape preservation, the architecture firm limited the home’s footprint to a 30’ by 100’ rectangle. Within the space, two buildings sit side-by-side – one for living and the other for work or recreational activities.

An 890-square-foot cabin features a large living room, a bathroom, and a sleeping loft complete with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Each room in the space faces mountain views, inviting a glimpse of the great outdoors inside.

Adjacent to the cabin, a 1,000-square-foot studio space includes a music room, workshop, and guest loft. The west wall features a polycarbonate skin that allows plenty of light inside during the day.

Both buildings feature angular forms that reference the striking mountain ranges surrounding the property. The result is a deceptively simple structure that focuses on spotlighting its natural surroundings.

The home was designed to accommodate all seasons. In the summer, livability expands outside onto the various porches and terraces that wind throughout the property, while the space remains modest during the winter months. A natural “rain garden” on the property collects seasonal rains that flow toward the local river.

Photos by Ben Benschneider Photography.

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