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an embroidered psa

an embroidered psa

Download Adriana Torres’ pattern to fashion yourself a whimsical-looking reminder.

Stay at home. It’s a public service announcement that’s been burned into our retinas, drilled into our heads and tattooed onto our psyche (OK, we’ll stop with the morbid expressions now). The phrase has even spawned a neat little category of art across the internet, with creative folks of all sorts sharing the message their own way.

Fibre artist Adriana Torres, for example, has opted to spell it out in whimsical embroidery threads, because if you’re not going to do what an ALL-CAPS SCREAMY TYPEFACE tells you to, perhaps you’ll heed the call of a soothing, leaf-shaped alphabet instead.

The good news is that Adriana’s PSA isn’t just for gazing at. You, too, can learn some of her embroidery skills by downloading the free pattern over here. (You’ll need to enable the translation in your browser, but it’s pretty straightforward from there.) Happy crafting!

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