Representations of Listless, Deadening, Corporate Office Life

Installation view of Jessica Vaughn, In Polite English One Disagrees by First Agreeing at Dallas Contemporary (all photos by Kevin Todora, courtesy of Dallas Contemporary except where otherwise noted)

DALLAS — There is nothing sensational about Jessica Vaughn’s installation In Polite English One Disagrees by First Agreeing at Dallas Contemporary, nothing visually captivating.

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A Miniature Magazine Penned by Teenage Charlotte Brontë is (Finally) Acquired by the Famous Author’s Namesake Museum

It’s often said that even the most successful people start small. What they probably don’t mean, though, is that to become an author equal to the timeless stature of Charlotte Brontë, you should pen a miniature magazine first.

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Swoon Offers Films, Installations, Drawings in ‘Cicada’

Swoon first garnered recognition for her pasted portraits in public spaces, but a new show represents an evolution for the artist, currently showing at Deitch’s New York venue. “Cicada” collects new films, installations, and drawings from the artist, who was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol.

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5 Films You Can Stream on Transgender Day of Remembrance

From Happy Birthday Marsha! (2018), dirs. Sasha Wortzel and Tourmaline (image courtesy the filmmakers)

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, (also known as the International Transgender Day of Remembrance) which is observed annually to memorialize those who have been murdered due to transphobia.

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A Set of Six Uniquely Textured Toys Engages Children in Processing Their Emotions

A set of six figurines made from wood and silicone are designed to help children process difficult memories and emotions. Created Israeli designer Yaara Nusboim, the “Alma” dolls correlate to different feelings: fear, pain, emptiness, love, anger and safety.

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