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DIY Large Tassel Blanket

It’s finally fall! There’s something about fall that makes me want to put a blanket in every room and on every chair. I love the large tassel blankets I’ve been seeing everywhere, but I haven’t been loving how expensive they are. So, I took my favorite blanket and added some DIY tassels! For $5 and in 30 minutes…I have my very own cute DIY large tassel blanket (for other DIY home projects, follow me @angelarosehome and at! I love the extra pop of personality it gives my space, and I love how you can customize it to any color and on any blanket. Here’s how you can make one too!

Here’s what you’ll need for your DIY large tassel blanket:

Step 1: Cut some cardboard into a square about 7 inches by 7 inches. If you want a larger or smaller tassel, you can adjust the size of this!

Step 2: Start wrapping your yarn around your cardboard. I wrapped it around about 100 times, but you can do more or less depending on how thick you want your tassel.

Step 3: Once you’ve wrapped around the yarn, cut a piece of yarn (around 18 inches) and put yarn string under your wrapped yarn like the below picture.

Tie it in a loose knot at the top of your cardboard. (You will tighten the knot after the next step.)

Step 4: Cut the wrapped yarn at the bottom of the cardboard. Cut in a straight line (you can trim later).

Now you can tie your knot at the top tight!

Step 5: Cut a piece of yarn (about 12 inches) and tie it tightly around the middle.

Step 6: Trim your yarn to your desired length!

Final Step: Attach tassels to your blanket by putting yarn through a large needle and tying it on your blanket. I spaced my tassels around every 6 inches, but it’s totally personal preference. So cute right? Now go give your favorite blanket a little more personality by turning it into a DIY large tassel blanket!


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