felt koalas for bushfire relief

The ever-crafty Cat Rabbit has stitched up some helpful koalas in support of First Nations Fire Relief and Wildlife Victoria.

If there’s one thing that’s brought us hope during these downright scary times, it’s seeing everyone use their skills for good. Among them is superstar crafter, Cat Rabbit, who’s stitched up four adorable koala helpers – the proceeds of which will go directly to the Fire Relief fund for First Nations Communities and Wildlife Victoria’s Bushfire Emergency Appeal.

Take your pick between the protestor koala, the critter calling for Indigenous justice, the craft enthusiast or the Splodge supporter (he’s the kangaroo from Blinky Bill). Sales open on Cat Rabbit’s online store from 9pm tonight, AEST. (We recommend setting an alarm so you don’t miss out.)

  • cat rabbit
  • bushfires
  • koalas

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