Have noticed that LCD displays are everywhere? As costs have fallen, digital displays have quickly replaced printed bulletin boards.

This format is called a display video. They’re usually left on loop and share news, updates, and information in shared spaces. You’ll rarely walk into an office now that doesn’t feature a large screen with a display video on loop.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a display video in Adobe Premiere Pro. We’ll use an template. This Premiere Pro template makes it easy to create a display video of your own. It’s just one template included with Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download service for creatives.

Classic Display Video
Use the Classic Display video template and this tutorial to create a looping display video of your own.

This template features a neutral design and easy-to-update scenes. That makes it easy to constantly update it with the latest in workplace news.

Free Template Alternatives

For a free template alternative, check out Fragment Blur Opener and Split Frame Opener from Mixkit. You can download and use these Premiere Pro templates completely free of charge.

More Slideshow Templates

For more slideshow choices, check out these articles:

2. Open the Scenes

Every Premiere Pro template is made up of a series of compositions. If you’re coming from a world of working in Photoshop, for example, you can compare these to layers.

On Premiere Pro’s timeline, you’ll see these compositions in sequence. In our selected project, these are labelled as Scenes. Each one is a different set of animations and placeholders that we’ll update in this tutorial.

After you click through a text layer, just click in the boxes and type over the placeholder with your specifics.

Jump back to the tab labelled “Scene (#)” to play a preview. Then, switch back to Final Comp to play the finished video with all updates.

After you’ve updated one scene in the template, you’ve got the hang of creating a display video. Just update the other scenes with your selected content and you’re all finished. Every scene functions similarly and features the placeholders you need to create a display video.

4. Export the Finished Video

Once you’ve finished customizing the display template, it’s time to export the finished video. Playing the template in Premiere Pro isn’t practical because it continually re-renders the file, leading to slower playback.

To export a video, go to the File > Export > Media menu. On the pop-up window, leave the settings on Format H.264 for a slightly compressed video that’s easy to play. Many times, you’ll use a repurposed, low power device to drive playback. Compressing the video ensures that you won’t stretch the device too far.

Export video
Use a compressed format like H.264 to downsize the finished file and make it easy to play for any device (like a repurposed computer or Android TV stick, for example.)

Press Export. You’ll find a finished MP4 video that’s ready for playback. Read on to find out how to play it on loop on your display.

5. (Optional) Use a Looping Video Player

The important part of working with a display video is leaving it on loop. That makes it easier to maintain your display without constantly restarting the playback.

I use VLC Media Player for all of my video playback, including running displays. You can download it for free on VideoLAN’s website. This open-source software makes it free and easy to play video files.

Once you open the video in VLC, use the Playback > Repeat All option. This will loop the video repeatedly so that your screen continues showing the display video.

VLC Repeat All
Use VLC’s Playback > Repeat All option to continually play the video file.

With the help of looped playback, you’ll never need to touch your screen and update the options. Simply set it to turn off at certain times on the panel itself to save energy.

The Best Source for Video Template Downloads for Adobe Premiere Pro

This tutorial shows the power of using Adobe Premiere Pro templates. As you saw, creating a display video is a breeze when you leverage the power of pre-built videos.

The best source for video templates is Envato Elements. Why not use an unlimited service like Elements for your next video? You can experiment with and test as many videos as it takes to find the perfect fit. Each comes at no additional cost.

Envato Elements library
Use these Premiere Pro templates – and so much more – to produce your next video on a shoestring budget.

In addition to video templates, Elements features tons of extras that make any video better. That includes stock footage, graphics, and background music. One subscription unlocks all of those for a flat rate.

There’s truly a template for everything when you use Envato Elements. You don’t have to produce everything on a blank canvas with the help of templates.

More Video Resources From Envato

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Download Free Video, Free Music, and Free Motion Graphics Templates From Mixkit

Check out Mixkit for free stock videos, free stock music, and free templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. Yes, free!

Make a Motion Graphics Video Online With PlaceIt

You don’t need professional software to create visually-appealing videos, you can make them right in your browser: PlaceIt is an online service with a video maker uses professionally-designed motion graphics templates.

Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements offers millions of stock items: photos, music, video clips, fonts, graphics templates of all sorts, video project templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Motion, and creative courses from Envato Tuts+, all with a single subscription.

More Easy-to-Use Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro

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