Hydrosphere: 3 Top After Effects Templates for World Oceans Day (June 8th)

The 8th
of June is World Oceans Day, which celebrates the role our oceans play in our lives and supports projects to support and sustain them.

If you’d like to create a video to share a message for World Oceans Day, here are three top templates to help you do that quickly with professional results. These templates are from Envato Market and Envato Elements, where you’ll find plenty of other options to inspire you.

3 Top Video Templates to Celebrate World Oceans Day 

1. Realistic Ocean Logo

Reveal your logo
from under the waves in this realistic ocean logo template for Adobe After
Effects. This is a really neat effect, and stylishly made. It would suit a
range of Ocean’s Day projects and videos.


2. Water Transitions

A nice, thematic way to move between scenes – Water
for After Effects includes ten clips of waves that are easy to use
and fast rendering.


3. Eco Friendly –
Environmental Awareness

This After Effects project is specifically geared towards
those wanting to create a video message about the polluting of our oceans. It’s
fast-paced and hard-hitting, pivoting around a plastic straw to reveal a
disposable cup and other trash.


Supporting Material

Your video might only be part of your World Ocean’s Day creation. Here are some resources from Envato Elements that you might find useful when creating your message. Everything on Envato Elements is included in a subscription, so you can try out as much as you like until you find something you like.

Stock Images and Footage

Adding stock images and footage  is a great way to make your videos look expensive and to include things you wouldn’t be able to get easily.

green sea turtle swimming in ocean sea
Green sea turtle swimming in ocean sea via Envato Elements

15 Sea & Ocean

A cute pack of simple icons representing sea and ocean themes,
from boats to waves, and sea life. You can customise the colours to fit with
your video.

15 Sea  Ocean Icons
15 Sea & Ocean Icons via Envato Elements

Ocean Conservation Powerpoint

Maybe your video is set to be part of a talk or
presentation. In which case you might try teaming it with a template like this
one, themed around ocean conservation. It uses free fonts and has a flat, minimalist

Ocean Conservation Powerpoint Template
Ocean Conservation Powerpoint Template via Envato Elements

 More Top Templates For Environmental Issues