Are you team coffee or team tea? Either way you have to reach in the cabinet for a mug so you can drink it. November is just around the corner, and so is cold weather (if you don’t already have it), making it time to prepare yourself for the utmost enjoyment of your favorite hot beverage. Instead of grabbing the same old mug, check out these 10 handmade mugs below to add a little something extra to your morning (and afternoon) routine.

1. Bauhaus Black Mug by Recreation Center
2. Beach Daily Mug by Helen Levi
3. Knotted Porcelain Cup by Harriet Caslin
4. Sunset Mug by Peaches
5. Artifact Mug – White Speckle by Malka Dina
6. Cherry / Ash Mug by Brian Giniewski
7. Large Fruity Landscape on Speckles Mug by O-M Ceramic
8. Confetti 16oz Mug by Willowvane
9. White Ceramic Blur Mug by btw ceramics
10. Black Short Mug by Workaday Handmade

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