Artists and Art Nonprofits Band Together to Raise Beirut From the Rubble

Saba Innab, “Untitled 4” (2016) From the series, Al Rahhalah (The Traveler) (courtesy the artist)

After being ravaged by an explosion of catastrophic proportions last week, Beirut is calling for help. In the absence of a functional government, which resigned earlier this week, artists and cultural nonprofits are stepping in to fill the void.

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Interview: The Founders of the Neon Art Collective ‘She Bends’ Discuss the Womxn at the Forefront of the Trade

Artwork by Megan Stelljes. All images courtesy of She Bends, shared with permission

Since co-founding She Bends, Meryl Pataky and Kelsey Issel have been upending the notion that neon signage is solely a commercial endeavor.

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Choose Your Own Adventure with the Parsons Web Design and Development Certificate

Many people dream of a career in web design, but it may actually be more attainable than you think.

There are countless online courses, of variable quality, with little to no academic structure; self-learning is an option, but it doesn’t come with a curriculum.

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A Modern, Farmhouse Retreat with Views of Mount Yotei

Makota Nakayama and his firm Nakayama Architects designed a retreat in Niseko, Japan with views of Mount Yotei. Set on an acre of land in a forest, Boukyo is a farmhouse-style residence combined with a modern Japanese aesthetic that blends perfectly with its snowy setting.

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