“These Shoes are Trash.” Meet Nike’s Space Hippie

We covered Nike’s colorful new line of kicks earlier this year, and now the company is doing us one better: They’re making a sustainable shoe.

In line with Nike’s “Move to Zero” plan, which offers a five-pronged path to powering their plants with renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and diverting manufacturing detritus away from landfills—the new Space Hippie shoe is made from “space junk,” i.e.,

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Kayak Point House Sinks Right Into Its Lush Pacific Northwest Surroundings

Homeowners that had previously resided in a large house with a manicured landscape enlisted Seattle-based Christopher Wright Architecture to design Kayak Point House, a new home that celebrates the lush foliage the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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3 Top Hotel and Hospitality Promo Video Templates for After Effects

Aattracting guests to your hotel needs successful promotion, and videos are a great way to do it. You might not have the time to make one from scratch, though; With templates you can simply drop in your own content and have a professional production in moments.

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Notice: Tamron issues product advisory for its 70-180mm F2.8 Sony E-mount lens

Tamron has issued a product advisory noting that select units of its 70–180mm F2.8 Di III VXD (Model A056) lens for Sony E-mount cameras were shipped without proper calibration of the internal floating optics, which could result in decreased image quality.

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The Shortcomings of Netflix’s Documentary House Style

Promotional image for History 101 (all images courtesy Netflix)

Netflix documentary series have their own vocabulary. Sweeping establishing shots conducted by drones. Carefully deployed slow motion to up the dramatic ante. A high-gloss cinematic style, facilitated by a carefully curated list of approved fancy 4K+ cameras and color grading software.

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