Interview: The Founders of the Neon Art Collective ‘She Bends’ Discuss the Womxn at the Forefront of the Trade

Artwork by Megan Stelljes. All images courtesy of She Bends, shared with permission

Since co-founding She Bends, Meryl Pataky and Kelsey Issel have been upending the notion that neon signage is solely a commercial endeavor.

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A Wiki Edit-a-Thon Dedicated to Women Artists of Color

Organized by the nonprofit organization Art+Feminism, the annual Wiki Edit-a-Thon enlists volunteers to help close the gender gap in Wikipedia’s coverage of female artists by creating new profiles and enhancing existing ones. The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) has hosted the edit-a-thons in person since 2014; because of the ongoing pandemic, this year’s edition was held entirely online today, August 11.

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These Absurdly Contorted Animals by Bruno Pontiroli Will Leave You With a Backache

“Le Tigre Reversible” (2020), oil on wood panel,18”x 21 inches. All images © Bruno Pontiroli, shared with permission

The troupe of wild animals in Bruno Pontiroli’s paintings contort their bodies into backbends and handstands that would rival even the most accomplished gymnast.

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A Community Organizer in Utah Faces a Prison Life Sentences for Allegedly Buying Red Paint

Madalena McNeil, a 28-year-old community organizer from Salt Lake City, Utah, could spend the rest of her life in prison for the unlikely crime of allegedly buying red spray before a protest. Seven other protesters could also face lifetime sentences for different riot charges.

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