Secret Message Valentine

Learn how to make an adorable secret message Valentine with the kids using watercolor paint to reveal the secret message! Why we love this project Shhhh. It’s a secret! A secret message that is! One that your kids will “decode” using a little watercolor paint. Totally fun and a great way to surprise your Valentine….…… Continue reading Secret Message Valentine

How to Make Lip Scrub

Remedy your chapped lips this winter with a sweet honey, vanilla, and brown sugar lip scrub. Why we love this project Our lip scrub is simple to make and only requires 4 ingredients, most of which are probably sitting in your cupboard already! This scrub combines the typical dry sugar scrub we all know and……… Continue reading How to Make Lip Scrub

Cactus Painted Rocks

Rock painting is one of our favorite things. If you’re like me, you find it challenging to keep houseplants alive. That’s why these cactus painted rocks are the perfect addition to my home decor! Why we love this project I find rock painting soothing and relaxing. Put on your favorite tunes, line your work surface,……… Continue reading Cactus Painted Rocks

Conversation Marble Magnets for Valentine’s Day

These conversation marble magnets are a simple craft for Valentine’s Day. They take only minutes to make and are an inexpensive gift for neighbors, friends and teachers. Why we love this project All you are going to need are some flat glass marbles, a black Sharpie and some pastel paper. These conversation marble magnets would……… Continue reading Conversation Marble Magnets for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Hugs

This Valentine Hugs project is a classic. It’s been around for years and years and I probably even made one when I was a little girl! It’s a great project for preschoolers and they absolutely love the accordion arms. Why we love this project Because this is such an easy craft, younger kids can enjoy……… Continue reading Valentine Hugs