Cookie Dough Ice Cream

REAL Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe- This amazing ice cream is stuffed full of REAL chocolate chip cookie dough chunks in every sweet and creamy bite!

The one and only, easiest, and BEST way to make completely edible Cookie Dough Ice Cream! It has real chunks of irresistible cookie dough in every creamy bite. Best of all, you can use the…

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Paper Plate Aquarium Craft

Paper Plate Aquarium @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda

Create a miniature underwater world with a paper plate, colorful paper, and cereal. The classic paper plate aquarium has stood the test of time because it’s fun to make and cute to look at! Why this project works If there’s one thing that I love to do, it’s to make things that are just plain… Go To project

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Paper Plate Frisbees

two frisbees from paper plates

Summer is here and the kids are outside more and more. Whether it’s summer camp, playing in the park, or just hanging out in the neighborhood, outdoors is where it’s at! This is a fun project that can be made (outside if you want to!)

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Magic Milk Experiment

girl putting a q-tip into dish with milk and food coloring

This cool magic milk experiment is fun to do and you likely have everything you need on hand. Got milk? Food coloring and dish soap? Then you are all set to do this colorful kitchen experiment!

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5 Sweet Ways To Celebrate Friendship Day and Girlfriend Day

*We’re thrilled to partner with 1800Flowers on this sponsored post. It’s been a rough year for us all and here’s to all the true friends out there who have helped us through. Let’s celebrate Friendship Day!

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