Saving the Last Taoist Effigy Shop in Singapore With Design

You’re used to seeing design competitions from industry media (raises hand), professional organizations and other institutions. How about one from a 124-year-old Taoist effigy shop in Singapore?

“Established in 1896 and the last of its kind in the glittering city-state today, Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop lies almost forgotten in a corner of touristy Chinatown.

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The Daily Heller: The Corona Daily News

PRINT has published variously conceived and produced CoviDiaries since the beginning of this pandemic over 14 weeks ago. Essentially, they have been records of experiences, research, musings and other pastimes of our contributors more than diaries in the conventional sense.

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Wael Morcos and Khajag Apelian’s Beautiful Plex Arabic Wins a Pencil

When IBM started brainstorming a new typeface for their brand, they sought to create a workhorse that was steeped in and honored both their values and their long design legacy. 

The solution?

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Proven Free Trial Approaches for Growing Your SaaS

If a free trial model is executed well, it can become your new secret weapon for lowering your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and increasing conversion rates. However, that level of success doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges.

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Illustrator Shayla Hunter Brings 200 Black Females* to the Fore

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