Into The Wild

Glasgow-born, London-based David Yarrow created his first major camera-in-hand success with the now-classic image of the legendary Diego Maradona at the 1986 World Cup final in Mexico City for The London Times. Assignments to cover the Olympics and other major sporting events soon followed.

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How to Make an Instagram Stories Video in Premiere Pro (With a Template)

In this tutorial, learn how to create videos for Instagram Stories quickly and easily by using a professional, customisable template.

An Overview of Instagram Stories

You’re probably very familiar with the Instagram Stories
feature by now, but for those who might still be new to the platform, here’s a
quick summary:

  • Instagram Stories let you use video or images to
    send a message to your audience.
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Hands-on with the new Fujifilm X100V

Hands-on with new Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm just updated one of its most important – and most-loved – product lines, with the X100V.

That’s ‘V’ pronounced ‘vee’, but obviously also ‘V’ as in ‘Fifth’ (what did the Romans ever do for us?).

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reCOMPOSE Podcast 070: Night Photography Part One

In this episode, hosts Andy Williams and Marc Muench talk about why they love to shoot the night so much, and introduce many topics that they’ll discuss in-depth on in part two.

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20 Engagement Photo Poses that are Easy and Elegant

Ready for some posing inspiration? These 20 engagement photo poses are easy to recreate and work beautifully for any couple! (Photographs by ALYSSA JOYCE PHOTOGRAPHY and J.J. AU’CLAIR FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY)

11 Engagement Photo Poses that are Easy and Elegant

Couples come in all makes and models.

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