There Are No Free Lunches (Or Books)

If you are a Charles Burns fan, as I am (despite the monsters in my dreams), you’ll want to get his latest Fantagraphics Book FS for the insomniac of your choice. Remember it is the holiday season.

If you are new to FS, as I was, let me explain. FS is Free Shit, Burns’ small zine that began, he writes, while at a book signing “back in the late nineties and having someone come up to me and ask ‘You got any free shit?’ I didn’t. I felt kind of bad . . . but ‘Free Shit?’ sounded lie the perfect name for a comic or a magazine.” This triggered a small, eight page zine of a 50 copy run that he’d hand out at comic festivals. This lovely little hymnal-of-a-book contains the first twenty-five issues. It is a gem. Yet a warning: Although the zine was free, FS, the book, will cost you.



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